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The outstanding competence of Stepwise Management is the result of an expertise based on continuous exchange with global change management experts.

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Center of Knowledge

The outstanding competence of Stepwise Management is the result of an expertise based on a continuous exchange with international change management experts.

Outstanding leaders, consultant networks, change management organizations, academic institutions – Stepwise Management has been connecting them since 1993 to form a unique hub of applied change management knowledge.


Our partners are your partners

Cooperation Partners

Der Deidesheimer Kreis

Since 2004 the DEIDESHEIMER KREIS has been carried and inspired by personalities who authentically stand for leading organizations with courage, mindfulness and foresight. They are people who are committed to lifelong learning.

The Deidesheim Circle has no patent remedies. Here you learn from the experience of others, from stories and an inspiring dialogue. No more and no less. Story telling and generative dialogue are the experimental and highly effective forms of communication in the DEIDESHEIMER KREIS. Since time immemorial, it has proven itself to be a very special and exciting way of sitting in a circle of competent personalities, learning from and with each other.

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Global Resiliency Network

Frank Kretzschmar is co-founder of the Global Resiliency Network. “Resilience” refers to the ability of individuals, organizations and nations to survive in the midst of continuous change, abrupt transition and unforeseen events. Anticipating change and staying focused in the face of reorganizations, mergers and other deviations from routine is a key competitive advantage in the unpredictable market of the 21st century. This requires leaders who put their adaptability at the service of organizational goals. German, English, Swedish, South African and Danish consultants with offices around the world are committed to furthering this understanding of the core competencies of organizations.

Selbst GmbH

Frank Kretzschmar is a member of this association of 300 personnel managers from large corporations, medium-sized companies and public institutions. They are committed to improving the employability and employability of human resources by increasing the personal responsibility of those involved.
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Leaders Circle

Together with Mike Elton (The Depot), Frank Kretzschmar is the founder of the Leaders Circle in Kenya, an innovative form of learning for managers in which the challenges of change processes are mastered together. Together, managers can tap into the potential of experience and transform it into knowledge.