Philosophical Conversations

The background to the milestones and poems are the annual philosophical conversations with the artist couple Maria and Gunnar Claudius.

These talks, which have taken place every September since 2004, gave rise to the watercolours that we shared with our clients and friends every year for Christmas.

Always around this time in the afternoon we came together. Around the big table we talked about the world, recapitulated the past year and dared a little outlook into the coming time.

As a farewell, we took a walk through the beautiful garden.

2004 – 2007

2004: Magical Steps

When reason and intuition are in equal weight, our steps are wise and our actions have power.

Foundation Stepwise Management.

2005: Rungu Talk

The Rungu goes around the circle
tells stories and all can speak.

Since 02/2004 I have travelled to Kenya almost monthly and advised the Equity Bank. James Mwangi and I became close friends, the strategy of Equity Bank was developed and is still relevant today. The dialogue format for this was the Rungu-Talk (my discovery for the process of strategic alignment, Power of Alignment) but also the World Café (see 2008).

2006: One World

A tree between heaven and earth
surrounded by the colours
from the four corners of the Earth.
The unity of the world –
the only world we have.

Still a lot of work in Kenya with Equity Bank, in Germany with Microsoft, Bosch-Siemens, Agilent, work in Switzerland and the Netherlands (Akzo Nobel), start of cooperation with Ashok Shah (APA Insurance). In 2006 I also met Mike Eldon. We conducted our first Leaders Circle (modeled after  Deidesheimer Kreises) at Muthaiga Country Club.

2007: Helping Hands

Hands which greet each other,
touch each other, say thank you.
Hands that help and pitch in.
The abstract wage –
long life and ducats.

Three consulting assignments (strategy consulting) in Gujerat at the SEWA Bank (Microfincance). After the final world cafe with the women of the bank and the CEO we danced GABA. Accompanying the merger of the BAYER company health insurance fund and the BASF company health insurance fund, Microsoft, first year of the Deidesheim Unternehmerwerkstatt, the pilot project for all future professional learning networks/ think tanks.

2008 – 2012

2008: World Café

They come together
sit under a tree
and drink a cup of tea.
Talk and tell stories
and – find solutions.

Strategy development and implementation (initiated via World Cafés) at Pronova Company Health Insurance and FORD Company Health Insurance (World Cafés with more than 300 participants), Microsoft, Management Center Innsbruck (mci). Start of work in Tanzania (Rural Livelihood Development Company).

2009: Confidence

Trust in the wisdom
of the small steps,
the spirit rewards
with delicious fruits.

I feel I have arrived in the market with my competence. Business is going well.

2010: Human Spirit

Leaving the jungle of ignorance
demands awareness.
What counts is crossing the bridge.
On the other side-
the spirit awaits.

Strategy development with National Cohesion and Integration Commisin (NCIC) in the run-up to the referendum, 5 World Cafés with grassroot journalists to sensitize and strengthen them for their responsibility during the referendum. Start of work in KOSOVO (still in reconstruction mode), strategy work & World Café with FRAPORT, start of cooperation with GIZ, implementation of the Leadership Excellence Program at Management School St. Gallen (, continuation of strategy work with APA.

2011: Female Power

On the blue cloth
the attributes of story telling unite:
Rungu and Ostrich feather.
The power of women
aims for practical solutions.

Cooperation with the Nairobi Women’s Hospital and the Gender Violence Recovery Center on behalf of GIZ, one week major event in Bangkok, strategy work in KOSOVO and FRAPORT, strategy work with the Microinsurance Network (for GIZ).

2012: Transformation

From the bottom of the earth
the fire flares up
tempered by water
rises into the air
– out into infinity.

2013 – 2019

2013: Stepwise 10

With wise steps along the way
towards evolution and change.
Old rituals newly verified.
Strategies worked on together
ensure success.

In addition to the existing clients, the OSCE/ ODIHR, the Human Rights Department in Warsaw with strategy development (hence the flags). In addition to the ongoing Africa assignments in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, there is a sequence of consultancy assignments in Cambodia in the health sector lasting several years.

2014: Contemplation

All living beings originate from the same source
and the earth is their matrix.
Man thinks.
That binds him to the task.
to take care of his world.

Because in the end we are all the same
and we return to where we came from,
from whence we came: to infinity.

Start of strategy work in wildlife management (10 missions), strategy work in Bangladesh in renewable energy, strategy work with regional organisations in Africa, further implementation of the Leadership Excellence Seminar at the Management School St.Gallen ( My year begins and ends (as always) with a 1-week ZEN-SESSIN between the years at Lassalle Haus in Switzerland (

2015: The Power of Alignment

At first it is a vision,
which one approaches step by step.
The power of alignment of all towards this goal
allows it to become reality.

“The Power of Alignment” has proven to be the overarching title for most of my interventions: It is always about proceeding step-by-step – the poem above describes it well. Missions in KOSOVO (Enhancing Youth Employability), Namibia, Cambodia, Malawi, Tanzania. Start of cooperation with the Chief Economist in Rwanda and the Rural Electrification Authority in Kenya on behalf of GIZ.

2016: Courage

Treading the steps of knowledge,
requires great courage.
To pass through the gate
and glimpse the glory.

A dove points the way.

“To say what is, remains the most revolutionary deed” (Rosa Luxemburg).

Stepwise Management demands courage in leadership and leadership culture. Courage is the quality that distinguishes true leaders.

Leadership means acting independently, being open to new realities and using them as opportunities to achieve outstanding results. Courage is linked to the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own performance and that of the staff.

Among other things, accompaniment of professional learning networks in East and West Africa, organisational development/change projects in Cairo.

2017: Consensus

Purpose brings people to consensus.
The coming together of their energy
unfurls awareness –
new ideas blossom.
From these resonance develops
which projects
into infinity, the spirit.

Consulting assignments mainly in the field of organizational development/ strategic alignment in the energy sector (Arab League and Kenya). Further assignments in Senegal, South Africa, Togo. Supervision/coaching of professional learning networks in Africa.

2018: Success

The wheel of time’s spiral determines
now is the moment
for new challenges.
Success comes step by step.
In the south…
Growth and flourishing.

Foundation of Stepwise Organisational Alignment Ltd. in Kenya, consulting assignments in Egypt and Sudan. Hence the pyramid Giza and Meroe. Strategy process for a global chemical company based in Texas, first assignment in Hargeysa (Somaliland), South Africa, coaching and consulting of a professional network of security and risk managers

2019: Global Message

Only love to Earth will save mankind.
The Earth is a conscious being
which unconditionally gives of its bounties.
Only man disregards this love and forgets
that he needs the earth as much as the air to breathe.

Three consulting assignments in Ukraine near Tchernobyl, Tunisia, Uganda, Nigeria, 100 consulting days in Kenya.