We support organisations and their executive staff in striving for success


Stepwise Management supports organisations and their executive staff in striving for success. The growing complexity and dynamics of today’s global market make planning processes more and more difficult and this constitutes a major challenge for companies.

Sudden and radical changes no longer are the exception but have come to be the rule. The ability to react quickly, flexibly and adequately is of vital importance. For this reason, our consultancy acts as a mentor, guiding organisations through change, and nurturing the sustainable survival capability of teams and of companies.

The goal of our work is to help our clients remain successful in the midst of continuous and abrupt changes… and in spite of unanticipated developments. This involves a great deal more than classic change management. We focus on targeted preparation for, and adequate response to, change.

Stepwise Management is your partner when it comes to seizing the opportunities and growth possibilities of change.

How we work

Prudent change management

When reason and intuition are in equal weight, our steps are wise and our actions have power.

Stepwise Management believes in vigilant and far-seeing change management.

We believe in the strengths and in the potential of our customers. We address their concerns and their anxieties and we provide support in coping with them. Step by step.

We develop astute and practical designs from the fields of guidance, training and consultancy, using the requisite tools.

Respect for the corporate culture and achievements of our clients forms the basis for our engagement. In this way we would like to work with you as a partner in discovering new perspectives.

How do we convince others to pursue new goals? With the strength of our own motivation, and through our personal commitment to your company. The passion of shaping success is what drives us.

Methods such as World Café and story-telling are some of the tools we have developed and successfully applied in our day-to-day management.

Learning by qualified doing – not merely by being taught theory – is the way to successful implementation in management.

But how do leaders learn? In joint dialogue with their peers. We have initiated the Deidesheimer Kreis and the Leaders Circle as an innovative form of learning for leaders, in which they learn together from their own challenges that represent change processes.

They come together
sit down under a tree
and drink a cup of tea.

Talk and tell stories
and - find solutions.


‘The oldest form of exchanging ideas is simply to sit together in a relaxed atmosphere and to tell stories’

M. Wheatley



“Swisscontact is the Foundation of Development Cooperation of the private sector of Switzerland. Operating since 1959, Swisscontact is currently active in about 40 countries or regions in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. … For the last two years, Mr. Frank Kretzschmar has been our consultant for change management and organisation with two partners in our microfinance project: Equity Building Society (EBS) in Kenya and Akiba Commercial Bank (ACB) in Tanzania.

…Frank achieved through a series of short change management workshops and inter­ventions over about 18 months to put Equity Building Society (EBS) safely back on a sustainable growth path that is likely to make EBS one of the most successfull microfinance banks in Africa. A similar process has been mapped out for Akiba Commercial Bank… Frank is a real master of the art of change management and organisational development. He applies a wide range of tools in a virtuous and flexible way so that he can achieve the desired outcome. He communicates and impresses people through his whole personality, his skills, and his knowledge of change management…

We can definitely and wholeheartedly recommend Frank to all his new clients as a consultant who delivers result even in very difficult situations and who might become a friend as he has to many persons in Equity Building Society, Akiba Commercial Bank, and, of course, in Swisscontact.“

Dr. Ralph Engelmann, Projektleiter

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

We started our cooperation with Frank Kretzschmar under the motto “Forward-looking thinking and sustainable action in the project” and were initially dismayed – no strict agenda, no fixed procedures, no set goals – rather a trainer who allowed for developments and an open day’s work.

In the 12 months of working with Frank Kretzschmar we have learned to get involved with each other, to listen to each other and also to take on many things from Frank’s experiences as a consultant in Africa. Today there are rituals in our organisation which help us to exchange information extremely quickly, to analyse complex situations and to develop a common approach – we learned this from the wise men of the Masai, mediated by Frank Kretzschmar.

Christa Wilhelm, Director Central Marketing Communications Group

Equity Bank, Kenya

“For the period Frank has been with Equity, we have seen and felt his contribution in the entire organization. Frank is very professional in what he does. While we hold him very highly especially in change management, his biggest asset is in planning and organization. Frank is very experienced, exposed and energetic. He takes work seriously and displays a great deal of enthusiasm.

While working with us, it was with ease that Frank assimilated into the teams and often times, staff forgot his role of a consultant as he became one of our own. The speed at which he adapted the culture of Equity and that of Kenya in general is exemplary. He spent long nights passionately preparing staff for the following day’s presentations either to other staff, their managers or the board together with key stakeholders in Equity.

During the first year working with Frank, we managed to maintain our compounded annual growth rate of 70% on Total Assets, Loans, Deposits and Profitability. Staff increased from 354 to 582 and Equity converted from a Building Society into a Commercial Bank. The number of customers increased from 252,000 to 413,000.

We are honored to have worked with Frank and in general Stepwise Management Consultants who now share the pride of a successful conversion.“

James Mwangi, Chief Executive

Raiffeisenbank Kleinwalsertal Aktiengesellschaft

“Learning from Africa – Africa meets Kleinwalsertal” was the motto of this year’s management days. Our aim was to get new impulses to better master the future. To awaken the willingness to go your own, unusual ways and thus to enable successful, value-oriented growth at Raiffaisenbank Kleinwalsertal AG.

The conception and implementation of the workshop was optimally aligned to the needs and strategies of our company… They opened … new and different approaches to the topic of “change management”, which achieve a special sustainability through workable, credible and lived values such as community, respect and tolerance”.

Dr. Günther Depunt, Member of the Board

Management Center Innsbruck

Frank Kretzschmar, as an external consultant, brought with him the competence for all questions of rough and fine design, which were necessary for the individual sub-steps to develop the target finding process. Mr. Kretzschmar positioned himself as an extremely competent, balancing and result-oriented process companion and enjoyed the full confidence of all participants. Thanks to Mr. Kretzschmar’s strong methodical know-how and his many years of experience in various industries, the goal-finding process at the MCI was successfully advanced and brought to the desired success.

Dr. Andreas Altmann, Managing Director

Kirchenkreis Essen-Mitte

Mr. Kretzschmar of Stepwise Management understood each other during the idea generation and agreement process … as a facilitator who prepared and structured the work process, guiding it with appreciation of the participants and a constant appeal to their competencies, in order to give the freedom, spontaneity and creativity of the participants a framework and a friendly atmosphere. The fact that Mr Kretzschmar showed a strong identification with the concerns of the church (and congregation), and was also guided by their limited (financial) resources, contributed significantly to the success of the process.

Both of these aspects prompted the local church to take on a follow-up task of training decision-makers for the implementation process, which requires considerable moderation and problem-solving skills if it is to succeed.

Michael Heering, Superintendent